Xanax dosage

I should be getting 2mg of xanax here soon, but I’ve heard a variety of different suggestions on dosage.

Would 2mg be too much to take for a first time? I plan on possibly taking 10 or 15mg of oxy with it too.

If you don’t have a benzo tolerance, taking 2mg will probably fuck you up really good. I’d say try a quarter of that pill lol.

1mg with a small dose of Oxy should make for an enjoyable night. If you take the whole 2mg you’ll probably want to go to sleep.

Alright, so I guess I should take 1mg by itself to try it out. Then I’ll take the other 1mg with some oxy. 

What’s the best way of taking it? My friends tell me its best to snort it, but everyone online seems to suggest just popping it, because of all of the fillers, and the less amount absorbed.
Is there any reason to parachute it, or is it all released at once normally?

Oral is most likely going to be the popular choice.

It is a pill, it is meant for oral consumption!

You can always take the other MG after, if you want to get more sloppy sally.

Well parachuting would be taking it orally too.

Thanks for the quick replies guys, I might stick around on this forum, seems pretty nice. The other forum that I go on with multiple drug forums is rather inactive.

I would try .5mg first, just to see how you react to it.

0.5 mg will give you a feel for its effects but it is NOT a recreational dose at ALL. 2 mg alone would prob get you feeling good. But, with oxy, 1 mg should do good.

I, personally, haven’t used xanax recreationally yet but I find that 0.5 mg helps with rushing thoughts and other forms of anxiety before sleep. Probably will be having some fun with it soon though.

So I’ve got a presentation later in the week. Presentations tend to give me nerves, so I have a xanax I’m planning to take.

It’s 1mg.

Xanax dosage

I have no tolerance, I’ve never done xanax before.

I’d just like some suggestions as to dosage or advisability on said course of action…

I’m thinking about taking half (0.5mg) or a quarter (0.25mg) of it a day or two before the presentation to test it out and see how my tolerance is, and whether I can focus while under the effects.

Note: this is not recreational at all. I am not after a high. I just want to be able to relax to do a speech in class.

Also any suggestions as to how long before the class to take it. The presentation will go for about an hour or so, with me talking for like 20 minutes of that. But I’m sure once I’m underway with the presentation I will be ok, as it’s mainly before the speech that I get nervous.


If that’s the case, I guess I will try 0.25mg. It’s Alprazolam by the way.

After all, I just want to calm my nerves. I still want to be "with it" obviously.

Thanks for the advice.

Yea, you should be okay with the side-affects. I know the first time I took Xanax it made me crazy dizzy, but I had -NO- experience with anything like that. I didn’t even drink at that time. (I smoked pot, and had done ecstasy, that was about it).

It’s really not too bad once you get used to it. I don’t even feel uncoordinated anymore. Just warm-and-fuzzy.