Problem with the purepac 1mg xanax

Problem with the purepac 1mg xanax

I have had the same experience with the purepac 1 mg xanax

compared to mylan. I know that Kroger has the Sandoz generic, and they work as well as the Mylan. To me, Purepac doesn't work at all.

Purepac xanax works with me everybody body reacts different..I remember when I'm prescribe with Clonazepam Mylan brand it does work but when I was in purepac brand that was the time when my tolerance is high on Clonazepam on mylan also failed with Mylan brand after purepac... It's just tolerance play a roll but i only used it when I need to take it for my social panic disorder..I used to be in Clonazepam,Valium,Ativan and now Xanax the only ones that works Is clonazepam witch work well but not no mare Ativan witch does work but not as good like Clonazepam and now Xanax only works but don't last as long as Clonazepam so I'ma ask my Doctor for the XR Xanax version

February of 2013 and I can also verify that the Purepac 1mg still are worthless as placebos. At first I thought it was that I had too much on my stomach, or too much sugar. Second and third nights, the same - no effect at all. Blah. I was surprised they were $.73 for 30 pills!! Now I know why. Hope Walmart has another brand of generic available or I'll have to transfer the prescription to another store for Mylan which works well for me.

The imprint is 'P' 039 for Purepac and only looks a little like an R because of a small line to the right of the letter.
Can anyone say who sells the copies branded as ALPROX? I see from another site, which is an information site and not an Rx forum, that they do contain alprazolam but opinion varies as to how.much.
As wit PEX-2 - I have posted that I keep a list of every single drug with a licence to be dispensed in India and neither of these appear on that list which is issued by the Government and includes the axeimum retail place - quite certain that NO 2mg strength has a licence in that country and the chances of getting ANY drug from the USA except from a friend (thanks to the people who told me about the Ryan Haight Act - which would be more understandable to me were it a kid and not a rich adult whose mother knowingly financed his drug habit and only managed this legislation thanks to their political connections, legislation which does more harm than good and puts the US at a massive disadvantage and dropping well behind the rest of the world in the field of e-medicine, which is the future) are next to zero now so will have to call in favours to compare the two.

Likewise those Dava bars, which I hear are good quality but rarely seen.
The imprint of the bars sold at CVS should read G3722 - Greenstone, the only really good US made alprazolam I have ever seen.
I know that this should probably be in another thread but since those in the know will be reading this I see no harm in asking which vendor sells those copies of the Purepac bars.
The other thing is that they are claimed on the blister to be made by Pharmacia/Upjohn, which is nonsensical. But I will post in the relevant section too.

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