How xanax makes you feel

I’m sorry if the question is stupid. Chemistry I do not know
Gathered drink Xanax week in the minimum dose (doctor prescribed). Read the instructions written that during the reception is strictly forbidden making ethanol
And I to this about a month valerian saw, three times a day. I do not drink for a week somewhere or two, but read in the net that valerian is not very long eliminated from the body, especially if you drink it for a long time. Is it possible to swallow today Xanax already or have to wait? How long is displayed valerian from the body?

And yet, someone took Xanax morning or afternoon, or is it better at night? I have written one tablet of 0.25 mg per day

How xanax makes you feel


Valerian might be more somewhere left, and ethanol certainly long been taken out of the body. Even if yesterday drank vodka hundred grams, then today it could be adopted, and that those unfortunate drops, taken a month ago!
The time at which you take it depends on the reason for which he was appointed to you. If you have a bad dream, it is understandable – at night, during the day if anxiety or other troubles, the day, but then it is better to start at the weekend to assess their ability to work and other activities after taking Xanax.

I usually took Xanax at night to sleep better. In the morning, too, several times saw, felt good, was not sleepy. But if it is to sleep well, if not, it will be sleepy

How xanax makes you feel after take pill?

Yesterday at 17:00 to take a pill. Special sleepiness was not, was calmer, slept well. Now, it is more or less calm

The question is. Would not this dose (0.25 mg 1 tablet a day tech.7 days addiction and withdrawal symptoms? And something about Xanax every write …
Thank U

1. No withdrawal symptoms after a week of receiving such a small dose can not be. And shakes you because you have not recovered. You have an obvious neurosis, judging by your posts, so you at least a month would have to drink it, not less, yeah
2. After a week you can easily drink alcohol. Only here in your situation, I would refrain from it. Alcohol stimulates the nervous system, and you have not recovered, and so, so, your neurosis may be exacerbated